Soon may the #Nautilus come – #TheWellerman Shanty

Der #Wellerman war gestern, jetzt geht es weiter mit der #Nautilus!

#Spontan #kollektivklamauk der lohnt sich immer!
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You’ve heard of the Wellerman shanty – now get ready for the Steampunk version!

is a little side project of Steampunk Musik Kollektiv before our big release of NACHSPIEL on January 22nd.

Text by Fräulein Clara (Ruffles & Steam) and Fräulein Rosalinde of Tentakel Debakel – Podcast
Video and music arrangement by Tobias of Aeronautica

Bands involved:
Tales of Nebelheym Feline & Strange Drachenflug Jessnes Aeronautica and Fräulein Clara & Fräulein Rosalinde of Tentakel Debakel – Podcast

Soon may the Nautilus come
There was a monster of the sea
It was as fierce as it could be
The Sailors did not see it come
And down the ships would go.

Soon may the Nautilus come
Its pistons go, its turbines hum
Captain Nemo is sipping his rum
When diving down below

Learn more about the original „Soon may the Wellerman come“:

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